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The Laguna Blu Beauty Center is a beauty salon that aims to bring the body back to its correct balance. Here, in perfect synergy, beauty and wellness treatments, cutting-edge technologies and natural remedies meet and balance each other, respecting an ideal that everyone can reach.

Endospheres body and face treatment

Endosphères Therapy Total Body

Beauty center in Bergamo with "Endospheres" face and body treatment

Why choose Endosphères?
Endosphères Therapy is the revolutionary device for the treatment of cellulite, 100% non-invasive, with extraordinary clinically tested and visible results FROM THE FIRST SESSIONS!
Cellulite has constitutional, hormonal and vascular causes, often aggravated by a sedentary lifestyle, stress, poor nutrition and marked water retention. It can form not only in overweight women but also in thin women. This blemish, in the sclerotic phase, is insensitive both to the most drastic slimming diets and to physical activities. This is why it is important to act on multiple levels, from the dermis to the muscle.
Endosphères Therapy is the revolutionary, painless treatment that first restores the physiological vascular and tissue conditions and then carries out localized remodelling. Clinical observations and studies have shown that the low frequency mechanical oscillations produced by Endosphères Therapy allow in a single treatment to:
• Firm and tone muscles and tissue
• Smoothing the “orange peel”
• Reduce localized fat deposits
• Reactivate circulation
• Drain

What is Endosphères Therapy?
The Endospheres Therapy Total Body method is the only technology based on the principle of Compressive Microvibration which, through the transmission of low frequency vibrations in a range between 29 and 355 Hz, is capable of generating a pulsed and rhythmic action on fabrics which generates 5 synergistic situations with a single gesture. The direction of rotation and the pressure used ensure that the microcompression is transmitted to the tissues. The frequency, measurable through the variation in the speed of the cylinder, generates the microvibration; the right combination of these forces, together with the application time, determines the intensity of the treatment, adaptable to each individual situation. The treatment is not painful: it is 100% NON-invasive and natural like a massage, but many, many times deeper and more effective! Furthermore, thanks to the removable and sanitizable handpieces, Endospheres is the device that can be 100% sanitized in all its parts after each treatment, guaranteeing hygiene and safety for the operator and the end user, therefore being totally safe!

What are the effects of Endosphères?
On a body level, Endospheres deeply stimulate the vascular, metabolic and lymphatic system with a significant elimination of excess fluids. Reduces pain and tissue inflammation. Breaks down adipose aggregates, reshaping the silhouette and smoothing orange peel skin. It clearly improves muscle tone thanks to the deep work that does not stop at the superficial part of the tissue but uses the muscle as active resistance. In Aesthetics it is used for all forms of cellulite as a basic treatment, tissue relaxation, scar treatment, pre- and post-liposuction treatment, localized adiposity, slimming treatments, phlebolymphology, lymphatic drainage, venolymphatic and venous insufficiency, lymphedema. In Sports Medicine, for the treatment of numerous conditions (shoulder-neck syndrome, sports massage, plantar stimulation, athlete preparation, post-race lactic acid reduction, post-traumatic rehabilitation physiotherapy, muscle contractures). Endospheres Therapy is a method that performs 5 actions in a synergistic manner:
1. Pain reduction: the compressive microvibration stimulates certain receptors present in the dermis and improves oxygenation. This action allows you to reduce tissue inflammation and eliminate pain in a short time.
2. Stimulation of the lymphatic system: The movement of the spheres and the direction of rotation of the cylinder create a "pump" effect which activates the lymphatic system by eliminating toxic liquids.
3. Remodeling: the oscillatory action of the spheres determines the disintegration of the fatty deposits responsible for the orange peel appearance. This action reduces blemishes and reshapes from the first treatments.
4. Improved microcirculation: Endosphères stimulates vascularization thanks to the particular arrangement of the "bee cell" spheres. The tissue undergoes "vascular gymnastics" restoring the microcirculation.
5. Toning of muscles and tissue: the Compressive Microvibration system uses the muscle as active resistance and, thanks to vibrational stimulation, allows for optimization of muscle tone in the treated areas.

The fields of application of the Body will therefore be cellulite, orange peel, muscle contractures, edema, swollen legs, buttocks, ankles, abdomen, waistline, breast firming, back and arms. Given the important toning action of muscles and tissue, it is also indicated in the post-pregnancy phase.

On a facial level, Endospheres deeply stimulates the oxygenative vascularisation of the tissues, reduces wrinkles, relaxes the tissues by toning them, relaxes the hyper-contracted muscles, eliminating the signs of facial expression wrinkles. Last but not least, it stimulates the production of new collagen (neocollagenogenesis) which will redensify the tissues, plumping and supporting them, with an important anti-aging and rejuvenating effect! The affected areas of the face will therefore be the labial region, the periocular region, the frontal and gabellar region, the nose-genius region, the cheekbone region, under the chin, neck and décolleté. Alongside Aesthetic Medicine Endospheres can be used for pre and post Botox.

Product features
Endospheres AkSensorall is the first machine in the world which, thanks to a series of sensors positioned on the face and body handpieces, allows you to detect the density of the tissues, thus adapting the treatment at a localized level, making it extremely high-performance and thus increasing its effectiveness.
• The system uses compression microvibration on the muscle as active resistance and thanks to vibratory stimulation it is able to obtain an optimization of muscle tone in the treated area
• The oscillation of the sphere determines the detachment of the adipocytes due to the formation of fibrosis, due to the appearance of the orange peel and the disintegration of the aggregates and fatty septae, making them less sclerotic
• The particular "honeycomb" arrangement of the rotating spheres on the cylinder, together with the microcompression practiced on the tissues, produces a profound stimulation at a vascular and metabolic level
• The detail of the movement of the spheres of the handpiece with which it performs the treatment creates a "pump" effect, thanks to the pulsed and rhythmic action induced by the direction of rotation of the cylinder
• Fat burning, slimming, body shaping, improving orange peel organization, strengthening skin elasticity, repairing striated gravid aurochs, anti-aging for face and body

In a world that constantly pushes the idea of perfection, we believe that true beauty lies in the diversity and authenticity of each of us. You are not perfect, you are unique, and this is your strength!

At LAGUNA BLU, we are committed to enhancing your natural beauty, enhancing your individuality and making you feel at your most confident. Each treatment is customized to meet your unique needs, because we believe that beauty is not standardized but is an art to be expressed.

Don't wait, come and live the LAGUNA BLU experience and embrace your extraordinary uniqueness!

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Incredibly fast results

Innovative and effective method in complex pathologies such as secondary septal lymphedema and CELLULITE. Endospheres Therapy allows you to obtain results with just a few sessions, replacing surgical therapies.

Studies & Research

A SAFE, tested and scientifically PROVEN method, non-invasive and designed to be used without causing damage to varicose venous networks and lymphatic ducts.


Fundamental method in the construction of a rehabilitation program of exceptional support for the practicality of the therapist who deals with lymphatic drainage.

5 Synergistic actions

Vascularizing, Draining Action, Analgesic Action, Restructuring Action, Relaxing and Muscle Toning Action.

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Beauty center in Bergamo for permanent and definitive hair removal with Diode laser

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Beauty center in Bergamo for permanent and definitive hair removal with Diode laser

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Beauty center in Bergamo for permanent and definitive hair removal with Diode laser

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Beauty center in Bergamo for permanent and definitive hair removal with Diode laser

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Beauty center in Bergamo for permanent and definitive hair removal with Diode laser

A beauty center where professionalism is at the top. The products of the Vagheggi line are excellent. THANK YOU

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Beauty center in Bergamo for permanent and definitive hair removal with Diode laser

High professionalism, an hour or more of full and pure relaxation. Treatments with high quality products and tools. Recommended to all those who need to get better in a very clean and comfortable place. Pier is truly a great professional.

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