Treatments and machinery used at the Laguna Blu Beauty Center in Bergamo

Pressotherapy 3 in 1

Lymphatic drainage, cellulite, localized adiposity, vascularization, toning, firming, reduction of water retention, elimination of toxins

The 3 in 1 Slimming Machine is the combination of three different methodologies that bind together to obtain results clearly superior to the individual treatments.
Pressotherapy, infrared and electrostimulation are treatments that have been used for years in the most important and advanced beauty centers, with visible and concrete effects.

The combination of the three methodologies done simultaneously improves the quality of the individual treatments by optimizing session times to the maximum.

The customer in a single 30-minute session will receive:
• Pressotherapy: massage that acts on the venous and lymphatic circulation, activating and stimulating their natural pathways, making them more efficient and consequently acting on the most frequent aesthetic imperfections, such as cellulite, localized adiposity and water retention.
Pressotherapy can be associated with other treatments (to increase its effectiveness).
• Infrared: generalized heating with consequent increase in body temperature which brings muscle relaxation, facilitates microcirculation and increases the elimination of toxins, as well as improving body metabolism which will lead the body to exploit its energy reserves, also increasing receptivity towards of the active ingredients of specific products used (during the session or at home), increasing their effectiveness!
• Electrostimulation: stimulates and develops the tonicity of our muscular system.
The result is a more pleasant appearance, better physical fitness and improved agility in movement. The targeted electrostimulation allows us to go to awaken and tone those little used muscle districts that cause laxity with a cascading effect. It also allows you to fight cellulite and act on the vascular system by improving lymphatic circulation.

The test is always free and preceded by a free body check-up that allows the identification of the problem and any pathologies for which pressure therapy is contraindicated. ​


6 technologies in synergy for a perfect body

A complete body technology, consisting of 2MHz ultrasound, infrared, electrolipolysis, electro-modeling, electro-drainage and 800kHz ultrasound with manual head.
With 43 programs, to meet any customer need, the synergy of all these technologies allows to obtain a more complete, deeper and more effective action on localized fat deposits, on the imperfections of cellulite, on water retention and on skin relaxation.
The VGH BODY Re-Shape allows you to treat 8 areas and multiple blemishes on the same client simultaneously, reducing and reshaping the body profile with excellent muscle and skin toning!

The trial is absolutely free and without obligation: if you really want to see your silhouette remodeled call us and come to undergo a complete session of VGH BODY Re-Shape and also the preventive check-up is free!

VGH Face Skin Analyzer

Personalized 3D face check-up

With VGH Face Skin Analyzer, the new professional system from Vagheggi, the beautician is able to make an accurate, scientific, thorough and immediate hi-tech diagnosis of the skin imperfections of your face!
In just 15 minutes, it will be possible to perform a precise, fast, smart check-up that will allow you to detect the hydration of the skin, the sebum present on it, scan pores and impurities, stains, wrinkles and discolorations, see your skin in enlarged, digitized and 3D images, in order to then identify the most suitable treatments and technologies for your needs.

The face check-up is the basis from which to start, and it is the check that is carried out during the year to monitor the condition of your skin: it is always free, so start now to take serious care of your face!
VGH Face Skin Analyzer, like VGH Phytotest is an advanced and innovative analysis and verification system that allows you to deeply evaluate the picture of skin imperfection, establish which or what are the best strategies to follow by choosing from the available solutions, verify the effectiveness professional treatments of the Vagheggi method and the best solutions for maintaining the results obtained.

Are you curious and want to see your skin more closely? Call now and make an appointment for your face check-up!
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Body and face check-up with VGH Phytotest

Phytotest allows the observation of skin imperfections

Vagheggi Phytotest is a measuring instrument for the face and body that allows for immediate and objective feedback on the main skin parameters. Phytotest analyzes values such as pH, elasticity, hydration, melanin, temperature and sebum, information that allows a high quality check-up, offering a synergistic system of skin investigation for the face and body, with objective, scientific and irrefutable analytical data that allow to verify the improvements during and after the treatment paths.

Phytotest allows videodermatoscopic analysis that allows the observation of skin imperfections such as:
- wrinkles;
- pigmentation;
- keratin;
- microcirculation;
- pores.

Direct measurements of wrinkle size (length, width and depth), blemish (area mm2) and pore (diameter cm) can be made.
VGH Phytotest, like VGH Face Skin Analyzer, is an advanced and innovative analysis and verification system that allows you to deeply evaluate the picture of skin imperfection, establish which or what are the best strategies to follow by choosing from the available solutions, check the effectiveness of the professional treatments of the Vagheggi method and the best solutions for maintaining the results obtained.

Trust the skin professionals: a good solution to your problem starts with good advice, which is always free here at the Laguna Blu Beauty Center!
So... what are you waiting for? If you want to improve your situation and not make it worse, don't waste any more time: call us now and make an appointment for your face or body check-up (or both)!
We will listen to your needs and your goals and we will do our best to achieve them!
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1MHz body ultrasound + bipolar radiofrequency for face and body

The best synergy of technologies for reducing and firming

Thanks to the ultrasound at 1MHz frequency, the COMBI is able to model the most difficult and difficult areas where adipose and cellulite accumulations persist. Abdomen, waist, hips, outer thighs, inner thighs, arms can be treated with absolute precision and incisiveness, breaking their adipocytes and immediately shaping their profile!

Radiofrequency, on the other hand, will strengthen the tissues that are emptying and shaping, attenuating and avoiding that laxity consequent to the decreased consistency of localized fat. Or it can be used before ultrasound to create hyperemia in the tissues and make the applications more complete and effective!
Radiofrequency is also one of the best treatments to treat the loss of tone, laxity and skin aging of the face, also at a preventive level, as it stimulates the production of collagen, elastin and of hyaluronic acid, brings the metabolism of your skin back in time, bringing it back to the splendor and density of a few years ago...

Excellent in combination with specific and anti-aging face treatments!
Get your free trial appointment now and don't waste any more precious time!
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Solarium and solar products of excellence

Let yourself be advised by those who know about leather

Half or full body tanning lamps, at low or high pressure for a uniform, natural and above all safe tan!
Let yourself be advised by those who know about leather!
Yes, because preparing the skin properly before sun exposure (continuous and prolonged, as can be during a beach holiday), you will not experience those annoying situations that often live and that sometimes ruin your vacation (the much hated sunburn).
In fact, it is highly recommended to prepare the skin in time...

A face and body scrub at the beginning of spring to remove the older stratum corneum, allow any products to penetrate more (and thus be more effective), will allow you to have a more oxygenated, more nourished skin, as well as a tan brighter and that will last much longer!
Making a preparation period with lamps with increasing minutes, using the 2 in 1 preparer by Vagheggi to stimulate your melanocytes to produce more melanin than normal, will serve to create that base of natural protection of the skin, which will then be protected in the sun with the appropriate Vagheggi tanning sunscreens, to have the most beautiful and natural tan you can get!

One week after returning from vacation, you will no longer have the problem of "tanning" that comes away (which is nothing more than the horny layer of your skin that has dried out even more in the sun and then inevitably starts to come off): your skin will always be beautiful, tanned and radiant!
And then at the end of the season (and trust what you will read now) redo a scrub to remove the horny layer thickened by the sun and ensure that when we no longer have a tan there will be no grayed, yellowed, asphyxiated faces and so on... on the contrary, with a few maintenance lamps you will only keep the tan that you have earned with so much effort during your holidays for a long time to come!

Pulsed light for permanent hair removal

IPL pulsed light is currently one of the most popular aesthetic technologies in the world

If on the one hand this confirms its effectiveness, on the other it makes it difficult to make a prudent choice by having dozens of models of the most disparate origins available.

The EV-Aesthetics system, with StarLite, has tried to redefine what are the construction standards of an excellent pulsed light (which derives directly from the more powerful Apollo SC medical system) and therefore, thanks to the more than thirty years of experience of the EvLaser group of which we are partners, it represents a highly performing machine, which guarantees reliability and optimal results, adaptable to any type of leather.

The combination of the important energy available for each shot (up to 100J) and the ability to finely adjust all the main parameters guarantees surprising results. You can therefore operate by choosing between the single shot and the train up to 5 consecutive shots, to completely customize the applications even with the selected power, and thus optimize the result by almost completely eliminating the annoying sensations that can make the permanent epilation sessions unpleasant, like those performed with the laser...
The treatment, as well as being practically painless, is characterized by rapid applications, also for large areas of the body, and safe thanks to the water cooling of the glass of the handpiece.

Start now to prepare for the next season and be wary of those who promise you miraculous results in a few counted sessions! The human body has differentiated hair regrowths (even several months apart), and not all hairs are in the same and optimal processing phase, the anagen phase (of birth and hair growth). Therefore for these reasons it is essential to take into account between 12 and 18 months of sessions to have already excellent and visible results. There is nothing to prevent an individual from needing fewer sessions, just as it is true that there may be other individuals with particularly resistant and persistent hair and hormonal structures who oppose the treatment of IPL and that a longer period is necessary to obtain the desired results.

Transparency and fairness first of all. Always.

And now you have the choice to start your new path to remove that hair so evident, so annoying, sometimes so embarrassing that it has been tormenting you for years... but don't think about it... act now and call us immediately for your first date!
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Shiatsu treatments

Shiatsu is a holistic, body-mediated technique

In these few lines (years of study are needed) we will try to explain in the simplest and most understandable way what Shiatsu is, what it is used for, how it is performed and we will give only a few brief indications for which Shiatsu can help (here the most common and widespread situations have been reported, but the list is much much more extensive: for further information, we refer you to the web).

Shiatsu is a holistic, body-mediated technique, which originates from the Chinese medical-philosophical tradition, subsequently developed in Japan, and which treats the individual as a whole.
Shiatsu literally means "pressure" (atsu), performed perpendicularly and kept constant, with the fingers (shi), hands, elbows and knees on certain points (tsubo) to rebalance the energy (ki) along specific routes , the so-called energy meridians (the same as acupuncture) and each of them is associated with an organ or a bowel.
The technique works on the overall harmony of the person and serves to rebalance the body in depth. For Chinese medicine, the human being is a unique multifunctional system, not with compartments, governed by energetic, psychic and physical elements in interdependence from each other, in which the absence of health (and therefore of well-being) is perceived as a loss of energy balance or "disharmony".

If the operator presses the meridian at a point, not only will that particular area be stimulated, but also everything that is along that meridian, as well as intervening in toning or dispersion also on the "mother" and "children" meridians according to the tour of the 5 elements, which are fire, earth, metal, water and wood. To each element correspond 2 meridians, one yin and one yang; only fire corresponds to 4.
The two main maneuvers performed are the pressure and stretching practiced with the hands, elbows, knees and feet on the recipient, who can wear very light clothes, preferably made of cotton. The operator must always remain very relaxed while applying pressure, because he must draw strength directly from his hara, that is, the center of his energy, which is located under the navel, without imparting physical or muscular force.
In a Shiatsu session the operator's hands move according to what he feels and what the recipient's body communicates to him, that is, based on the responses that come from the person who is receiving the treatment.
A Shiatsu treatment usually lasts about an hour.

Practiced correctly, Shiatsu is effective in restoring the correct flow of energy of the various channels (precisely the meridians), and therefore allowing the body to recover its normal functions to return in harmony with itself and with the environment surrounding.
Shiatsu does not cure the symptom but all the causes that have caused it, which can be of two types: internal pathogenic causes (those related to our emotional and psychological state), or external pathogenic causes (all those related to external agents such as wind, cold, hot, humid etc.).
Obviously going to work on the causes of disharmonies, the result is that the symptoms also disappear and you return to health.
By restoring the body's energy balance, for example, Shiatsu:
- it has excellent effects on anxiety, stress and reduces the typical symptoms of depression and improves relationships with others through contact;
- it can be an alternative or help in case of problems related to the head, neck and back, sciatica and loin sciatica, stiffening of the joints, excessive stiffness and tension, anxiety-inducing contractures from sports or work;
- enhances motor skills, improves posture and posture, alleviates the consequences of various types of trauma;
- it resolves stomach-related aches and pains, intestinal problems (constipation and dysentery), menstrual pain, and much more.

This type of treatment is not a substitute for any medical, paramedical, psychological and psychiatric therapies, but being a natural method that works on energy balance, it can be very well supported (in agreement with the attending physician) with any conventional and non-conventional therapeutic treatment, without any risk for the care it accompanies.
Shiatsu should not be practiced on people with contagious diseases, serious problems with the heart, lungs, kidneys, liver, bleeding, ulcers, cancer, fractures.

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