At the Laguna Blu Beauty Center in Bergamo we use Vagheggi phytocosmetic products

Natural cosmetics, phytocosmetics, professional products for the face and body that use the elements and properties of the natural world.

The Laguna Blu Beauty Center uses Vagheggi products for its treatments

The history of professional cosmetics

Vagheggi was born in 1975 and immediately becomes a signature for Italian professional cosmetics, in particular in the field of phytocosmetics, where beauty is a goal that can be reached naturally but also with the latest generation formulations, capable of using in an absolutely scientific way every single active ingredient that nature gives us, transforming it into an ally with high added value.

Vagheggi products can be purchased at the Laguna Blu Beauty Center

Tradition, excellence and research

Vagheggi was born with the aim of merging the tradition of natural cosmetics with the most advanced technologies to achieve formulations capable of giving high performance. It all starts with an accurate selection of raw materials chosen on the basis of the geographical origin, the concentration of the active ingredients, the seasonality and the collection method.

In the Vagheggi cosmetics you will find the lavender of Haute Provence collected in June, the citrus fruits of Sicily collected in January, oils obtained by cold pressing, the althaea officinalis from organic cultivation, and then golden chamomile, resin crystals, amethyst, rice bran, black quinoa and many other raw materials, all natural, all effective.
This pursuit of excellence is followed by the application of innovative formulation technologies capable of multiplying the potential of the active ingredients naturally present in nature to achieve visible and long-lasting results over time.

Laguna Blu Beauty Center philosophy and map

Transparency, seriousness, honesty, professionalism, competence and quality are our flags and our keywords.

Choosing the Laguna Blu Beauty Center means relying on expert hands, who use Italian products of high quality and of sure efficacy, be sure that you will receive maximum attention and be sure to see results even beyond your expectations!

Massages, manicures, pedicures, face and body treatments, radiofrequency, ultrasound, IR pressure therapy and electrostimulation.